Monday, February 9, 2015

Betsey Johnson's Epic Baubles and Bubbly Party

A week or so ago I received an email from Betsey Johnson’s team inviting me to her Baubles & Bubbly Cocktail party in NYC to celebrate her SS15 and FW15 jewelry collections. If you’re lucky enough to attend anything Betsey Johnson related then you know it’s going to be an over-the-top, unforgettable experience. I still remember going to her phenomenal 70th Birthday party/fashion show/concert by Cyndi Lauper. Yes, it was all three things at once!

Fast forward to last Thursday and it was finally the day of Betsey’s party. I rummaged through my closet to find something Betsey would approve of. Luckily, I just got a new velvet blue dress with ruffled shoulders. I immediately thought it was SO Betsey! (I was right, Betsey did love my dress!). I paired the look with black tights, classic heels and a golden Natori cuff.

While en route to the party I re-read my invitation which mentioned champagne, treats and a sneak peek of Betsey’s new jewelry collection. I couldn’t wait to see what fun surprises were in-store this time! 

I was so happy that my lovely friend Michelle could join me that evening. Michelle and I have been friends since high school and she’s always given me such encouragement to keep pursuing my fashion dreams. Now, it’s so rewarding to watch each other move forward in the fashion world.  

The room was filled with Betsey’s sparkling jewelry collection, which was very much in tune with her whimsical, fun namesake brand. 

A quintessential Betsey Johnson dress was featured on the display at the event. This pink cheetah print baby was complete with a gold front zipper. Hilariously, a necklace that said ‘Prenup’ accessorized the look. I’m the type of girl that loves to make fashion fun and Betsey’s pieces have always been focused on that. In fact, Betsey built her career in fashion by following her own set of rules and is known for her celebration of the exuberant, embellished, and over the top.

In between perusing Betsey’s new collection and mingling, guests also enjoyed Valentine’s themed cookies and champagne.

The room was filled with lots of fashion souls and one of my favorites to meet was Naty Michelle from A Love Affair With Fashion blog. How cute was her pink sweater and stockings with mock knee high socks?!

After more mingling, I snuck a quick selfie with my Josie Natori Geometric Gold Cuff. It ended up going superbly well with my velvet blue dress. (Note to self: velvet and gold make a magical combo!)

Of course my favorite memory of the event was having a chance to meet the legendary Betsey Johnson. Ever since I was a kid I remember always wanting to wear her fun dresses. I never had a chance to back then as money was very tight and I didn’t own anything remotely designer until I started working in fashion back in college.

During my college days at FIT I even did my final term paper/PR kit about Betsey Johnson's company. (I still have that PR kit as a memento as I ended up getting an A- on it!). 

Who knew that many years later I would be sitting on a red lips couch hanging out and having a laugh with the legend herself?! Betsey, it was such a pleasure to meet you! You're such an inspiration to me as both a strong woman and fearless designer.

If you told the kid version of me that this would be my future I probably wouldn’t have believed you, but it happened, it was real and just a complete dream come true

(One of my favorite interviews with Betsey Johnson.) Take a look!

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