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HSN Cinderella Press Preview + Exclusive Interview With Designer/ Supermodel Coco Rocha!

HSN hosted a special press preview at the Tribeca Grand Hotel for their new capsule collections inspired by Disney’s all-new action movie Cinderella.

Supermodel Coco Rocha launched her first ever apparel line, Modern Princess by Coco Rocha, as part of HSN’s Cinderella inspired assortment. 

Additional top designers included Vince Camuto, Christos, Hal Rubenstein, Heidi Daus and many more.

I had such a lovely time covering this presentation! Cinderella has always been one of my favorite movies so it was really exciting to see top designers create their own modern Princess themed apparel, footwear, jewelry, accessories, home and beauty merchandise. 

It was such an unforgettable experience to walk into HSN's Cinderella decked out room at the Tribeca Grand Hotel. I instantly gravitated towards the beautiful glass slipper on display. The PR girls mentioned it was the ACTUAL slipper from the upcoming new Cinderella movie. How cool?! 

While perusing Coco Rocha’s new Modern Princess collection I had a chance to interview the Supermodel turned Designer herself! It was such an incredible experience to hear Coco speak about her own Cinderella story and how her Modern Princess collection came to fruition. 

What was your inspiration for the Modern Princess collection?

Coco Rocha: Everyone loves the Cinderella story but doesn’t necessarily want to wear a blue ball gown day and day out. We instantly thought about the name Modern Princess and what does that mean to you and I. Well, first of all we all have our own Cinderella story. If you know this or don’t you’re going to know now. There was a moment probably in time that as a reporter someone gave you that chance, that opportunity to come to New York to be a reporter and you’re so thankful to that person. I have that Fairy Godmother too that gave me that chance when I was back home in Canada and he asked me if I ever thought of modeling. No I didn’t, but here I am today and only because of that moment in time so we all have that and those are our modern version of Cinderella. 

And, for the actual clothing itself us as modern women we don’t necessarily have time to go home and change and get our hair fixed for our event and wear a gown so it’s about wearing something throughout the entire day. So all of these pieces are very versatile, a little bold for some people maybe, but I really think that we all can be a little bold. 

Each piece definitely has a story, the leather jackets you might think that is not Cinderella in any way but the modern Princess, if you think of the modern royals like Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Prince that is what they wear, that is their outfits. To picking my fabric choice for the toile when you think of any royal family and images of them and how toile was in the background. When we picked this I was saying please find something that we’ve seen in images and I wanted to able to have that story of you saw us on a walls in France in Castle. 

To the butterflies, you’re probably seeing that in everything and that makes sense because Cinderella is all about rags to riches, that transition in life so the butterflies were the perfect use. And even to my gown, the black gown, people think black is not Cinderella at all but I say it’s very modern Princess as modern women we like to wear black. A gown in black is a perfect choice but also we don’t necessarily see our shoes in gowns and since we are in fact ‘losing’ them like Cinderella (and we don’t want to lose them) so I wanted my bedazzled, bright crystals to not be on my feet but on my shoulders. 

Would you say that the collection is all about empowering modern women to live their own Cinderella story?

Coco Rocha: The title in itself, I wanted people to understand where I’m coming from. Like if people say why did HSN include Coco it makes no sense and I want them to know that we all have that (Cinderella) story. I’ve always even said that before this even happened, I didn’t really have to come up with this idea. I was this dorky kid, had no self-esteem and was picked on and here comes this man who says I think you could model. But then 11 years looking back and how that changed my life and how I can talk here with you not being that dorky, weird... I’m still that dork but I've grown into who I am because of getting that chance. I think everyone like I said has those moments and the story of me just getting this partnership with HSN is another fairytale moment because a lot of models aren’t taken as seriously sometimes. People think we take photos and that’s their job but when they gave me this opportunity it was like another fairy godmother moment where I got to prove something, to show you what I could do and what I wanted to do.

What is your favorite piece? I know it’s a hard choice! 

It’s like choosing your favorite child. I do like all of them because all of these pieces you can mix and match.

Who is your favorite Disney Princess?

Coco Rocha: My three would be Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Swan Princess with Odette. I’ve watched every version of Cinderella as a kid like Ever After

I continued my exploration of HSN's new Cinderella collection with Christos Garkinos who designed Eureka by Christos Garkinos. Christos mentioned that he was very inspired by the 60's and Princess Grace. His pieces were very chic with a perfect modern Princess touch. It's not surprising that Christos created such a stellar collection as he has quite an impressive fashion repertoire! Known as the "Robin Hood of Fashion," Christos is regularly tapped by top fashion editors and producers to lend his expertise. He co-owns a store called Decadence in LA and is a constant fixture in top magazines like Vogue, Vanity Fair, Glamour, Elle, Allure and Esquire. He has also appeared on NBC's TODAY, ABC's 20/20, Access Hollywood and E!

One of my favorite pieces from his collection was the above textured knit duster sweater with pockets. It's such a versatile piece and I personally love everything with pockets!

I was so happy to share this real life Cinderella moment with my best friend / Attorney Advisor, Robin Herman. We had such a great time being a part of HSN's Cinderella afternoon at the Tribeca Grand Hotel.

I adored all of the statement silhouette handbags by Bag Snob. Each was so beautifully crafted, functional and perfect for the modern girl on the go.

To conclude my Cinderella experience I couldn't resist trying on one of the crowns on display. As they as if the shoe crown fits, wear it! ;)

Thank you so much HSN for having me. I couldn't imagine a better way to spend an afternoon than being immersed in the fashionable world of HSN x Cinderella.

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