Sunday, March 1, 2015

THEIA's Fall 2015 Glamorous Art Nouveau Inspired Collection

I had the pleasure of previewing THEIA’s new Fall 2015 collection at their glamorous NY showroom.

Every season THEIA’s designer, Don O’Neill takes the collection to another dimension. The Fall 2015 season was certainly no exception, and with a quite literal emphasis on exciting new art inspired dimensions. 

Don’s inspiration for the new collection came from an Irish furniture designer named Joseph Walsh, specifically his Lumenoria II collection. This was the starting point for the collection, which evolved into more brilliant Art Nouveau references.  

The above photo is Don’s inspiration board for the new Fall 2015 collection. The board includes a Joseph Walsh table that Don was heavily inspired by when he visited the Art + Design Show at the New York Armory back in November. You can see the impeccable Art Nouveau references in Walsh’s work. Art Nouveau is an ornamental style of art that flourished between 1890-1910 throughout Europe and the United State. It is characterized by an elaborate ornamental style with sinuous linearity and flowing organic shapes based on plant forms.

Don integrated inspiration from Joseph Walsh’s work coupled with his own spin on Art Nouveau into the beautiful Fall 2015 collection. The results were gorgeous curved lines that formed the embroidery design and silhouettes. I’ve always said that wearing Don’s work is like putting on a piece of art and it’s quite true for his Fall 2015 collection. While speaking to Melissa, the lovely PR Director of THEIA I found out that most of the intricate beaded gowns take a total of 6-8 weeks to produce.

One of my favorite pieces from the collection was the above liquid glass gown which looked even more stunning in person. It’s as if Don created a magical river of fabric that flowed around the model’s body. I could just image the looks of awe around the room if I ever wore this beautiful creation to a fancy gala or ball. (Near future goal: wear this baby to a fancy party.)

Another favorite look was the above red gown. I’m quite a sucker for anything red so I instantly gravitated towards this beautiful piece. It brought back such found memories of the time I wore a red THEIA gown to the Jeffrey Fashion Cares gala

I had so much fun previewing THEIA’S new Fall 2015 collection. Check out more of my exclusive snaps below! 

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