Saturday, February 28, 2015

New York Fashion Week Diary F/W15 Day 3: Wearing Kevin V. Thai and CHUCHU NY

Day 3 of New York Fashion Week was my favorite for a multitude of reasons that included seeing Zang Toi's fashion show, wearing a fun outfit and meeting new fashion friends. 

I wore a Kevin V. Thai dress, CHUCHU NY fascinator and BCBG heels. This was a super last minute outfit composition, and by last minute I mean 30 minutes before my shows at fashion week! My friends at Kevin V. Thai brought me this incredible piece and it just happened to go perfectly with the red CHUCHU NY fascinator I was planning to wear that evening. I'm almost always last minute but this was definitely pushing it. Luckily the look came together even better than the ones I had actually planned!

I was absolutely in love with the dress the second I put it on. Kevin V. Thai is known for the most exquisitely structured and designed pieces for both men and women. The dress I wore that night made me feel powerful, sexy and sophisticated. These three words I think are an adequate description of Kevin’s brilliant work. 

Notice the awesome zipper on the side of my dress. As the night progressed I couldn’t help to adjust it a little bit higher! ;) I was such a lucky girl to have a chance to wear this awesome piece. 

The CHUCHU NY red fascinator gave this look the fun element I always try to infuse into the outfits I put together. I love pushing the limits and creating unconventional, fun looks. Fascinators have always been something I wanted to incorporate into my fashion week style and this season I was very lucky to have found fabulous CHUCHU NY pieces. My ultimate dream is to wear fascinators to the fashion week shows in London, where they’re a bit more popular than here in New York.

I was so excited to meet Kevin, the designer of my incredible dress. He was so nice and one of those rare, talented people whose personality literally shines through.

Kevin has such an interesting story. He was born and raised in Saigon, Vietnam. His journey in the world of fashion began at a very young age as the Design Manager of a popular Korean fashion company called Hansae Fashion Worldwide. Kevin was quickly promoted to Creative Director as management identified innate ability and talent. He has dominated the fashion market in the Asia-Pacific Region since age 16 and continues to challenge orthodox conceptions of Asian fashion. Kevin’s influence on style for the Korean Pop industry has manifested through his relationship with SM Entertainment as the Senior Stylist for top artists such as Girl’s Generation and Super Junior, and YG Entertainment’s 2NE1.

Among Kevin’s many accomplishments, he co-founded Dahong in 2010: a fashion superstore which has grown to be the third most popular fashion store in South Korea. With the continuous success of Dahong, Kevin expanded his business to the online and Vietnamese markets. The success of Dahong lead to the launch of its counterpart, Justellizy in 2011. Justellizy quickly became a widespread fashion brand catered to the Vietnamese fashion industry where he has gained a strong following appearing on various magazines and product campaigns. Inspired by the success of Dahong and Justellizy, Kevin wanted to embrace his passion for design and founded Kevin V. Thai Co, LLC in May of 2011. He is inspired by more than fashion and his modest background growing up in Vietnam has influenced philanthropic endeavors representing his country as an ambassador to UNICEF. His namesake label aims to combine fashion, travel, and lifestyle to influence the modern man and woman of our generation.

I also had a chance to meet the lovely Mia Gordon who was also dressed in Kevin V. Thai pieces that evening. Mia came to fashion week with Kevin and Dylan. Mia and I decided to do an impromptu fashion shoot in the looks. Thanks Dylan for snapping the photos! 

One of my favorite moments was being interviewed for the news about my look. It’s always so much fun to be in front of the camera. I was thrilled to have an opportunity to bring attention to the talented designers I was wearing that evening. 

After the interview I went to take my seat at the Zang Toi fashion show. He’s hands down one of my all time favorites to see and each season he reminds you of what a powerful luxury designer he is. Read my review of his Fall/Winter 2015 Mystique Beauty of Venice collection HERE

Check out the rest of my day 3 photos below! :) 

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