Wednesday, October 14, 2015

THEIA Fall 2016 Bridal: 1920's Opium Den

For Fall 2016, the THEIA bride walks a dark and dreamy pathway seen through the foggy haze of a 1920’s Opium Den. Inhibitions disappear and endless possibilities for her wedding gown shimmer in front of her eyes. 

This woman is free to re-define what marriage means to her… she decides... she chooses… and at THEIA she will find just the dress for her unique celebration. She may wear a sensuous sleek bias satin gown like ivory puffs of smoke undulating in the air... 

Clouds of Spanish tulle cinched with diamonds. She may tattoo Geisha’s on her naked body, or crush blood red poppies, their rich color soaked up by luscious silks and embroideries, their potent black seeds slick satin with an ebony gloss. Fearless and empowered by her femininity, this bride walks where others fear to follow.

I was completely blown away by THEIA's designer Don O'Neill and his dreamy new Fall 2016 bridal collection. He infused every bit of 1920s glamour and mystery into his bridal gowns. One of my favorite pieces was the above Artic white faux fur chubby over hand embroidered diamond sequin slip dress. 

Each gown would be a perfect look for brides who are looking for that certain unconventional je ne sais quoi for their big day. 

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