Friday, October 16, 2015

Woosh Beauty Launch Party With Bobbie Thomas at HSN

I was so excited to spend the evening at the HSN hq to celebrate Bobbie Thomas’s new collection of makeup called Woosh Beauty. 

“TODAY” show style expert Bobbie Thomas teamed up with her best friend Andrea DeVos Abraham to launch Woosh Beauty by ProGirl via HSN later this month. Bobbie's first appearance on the channel is Oct. 30th, with a returning appearance in December. 

Bobbie Thomas has done it all, but at the end of day, just considers herself a professional girlfriend, relatable resource with years of experience helping women navigate everything from makeup to breakups.

Bobbie created her own unique niche in the style sphere as one of the few authorities out there with both the hands-on experience of a style vet and the effortless approachability of your best friend. She has devoted her career to testing, trying, researching, and reporting on the tips, tools, and trends that real women can use. 

In 2013, Bobbie partnered with close friend and co-founder, Andrea DeVos Abraham, to found ProGirl, a brand aimed at providing support and solutions to women. Their first product line, Woosh Beauty is entirely comprised of innovated/ or elevated beauty tools that they always wished existed but didn’t. So they made them themselves. 

I had so much fun exploring the new Woosh collection. I loved everything, but one of my absolute favorites was the Fold Out Face Palette. It’s offered in 5 shades, carefully designed to accommodate all skin tones. The palette includes 4 all occasion eye shadows, 2 concealers (for custom coverage), 2 contouring powders, 2 blushers, 2 blending powders and a finishing shimmer. 

I had a chance to meet Maggie Murray and Andrea DeVos Abraham from the Woosh team. They were both so nice, and we ended up chatting about being women entrepreneurs. It's always so great to meet like-minded women in business, and especially ones who've started their own. 

Guests were treated to pink cotton candy, glitter popcorn and champagne filled with pomegranate.

Of course, I couldn’t resist trying everything, especially my favorite champagne. I’ve never had it with pomegranate before and it was actually really good. Note to self: serve this at my future dinner party! 

Here’s a close up of the fabulous glitter popcorn. How cool?! The picture doesn't quite do it justice, but it sparkled 10x more in person. My smile was full of glitter after, but it was so worth it! 

After the Woosh party I took a walk around the HSN hq. Thank you so much to the Woosh team for having me! I had a great time previewing the collection, and absolutely loved all of the beauty products. 

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