Friday, October 2, 2015

THEIA Spring 2016 Collection Preview: Inspired by The Opulent Alhambra Palace in Spain

My friends at THEIA invited me to preview their newest Spring 2016 collection right after New York Fashion Week. Every season I’m incredibly excited to see what Don O'Neill, THEIA’s exceptionally talented designer has in store for the season ahead. 

For Spring 2016, Don was inspired by the grand Alhambra Palace in Spain.
The Alhambra got its name because of its reddish walls (in Arabic Alhambra means Red Castle).  

The tile work in the palace is represented in the beautiful embroideries of the jewels dresses. Primary colors included rich ivories, beige and opulent hues of blue. 

One of my absolute favorite pieces from the collection was the above caftan. The picture doesn’t really do it justice as in person it was one of the most beautiful works of art I’ve ever seen. I was in awe of the level of detail that Don meticulously put into this piece from the design to the beautiful construction of the silhouette. The gown looked like it was ready to be worn by both crowned and red carpet royalty. 

While previewing the collection, I also had a chance to say hello to Don. I was so excited to see him and tell him how much I loved his collection in person. He’s literally one of the nicest, most talented designers I’ve ever met, and it’s truly a privilege to know him.  

Thank you so much to the THEIA team for taking the time to show me the new Spring 2016 collection right before it was shipped to Paris!

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