Thursday, October 1, 2015

New York Fashion Week Diary Day 4 cont.: Art Hearts Fashion Gala + Dinner at Lavo

The rest of my day 4 of New York Fashion Week was spent at the Art Hearts Fashion Gala midtown, followed by a nice dinner at Lavo restaurant on the Upper East Side. 

I wore a THEIA Spring 2014 sequin cocktail dress for my last look of fashion week. It was an absolutely stunning piece that sparkled 10x more in person with white and black sequins.

My hair was done earlier that day at the Angela Roi event, and it was the perfect match to my more formal evening look.

Before the gala my friends decided to grab a quick bite at a local pizza shop in the city. It was an quite interesting juxtaposition of our black-tie wear to the usual t-shirt and jeans dressed customers next to us. 

Robyn and I of course unintentionally ended up matching again that evening as well. I guess that’s how you know we’re best friends, as we always manage to dress alike, even though it’s very much unplanned sometimes! 

I was so excited to run into my friend Dylan Thai at the gala. I met Dylan at fashion week a year ago and we’ve been good friends ever since. Our looks were also quite similar with black and white! 

After the gala we took a few photos outside in Times Square. It’s perhaps one of the most quintessential NYC landmarks, but our formal wear made us stick out quite a lot in the crowds full of visiting tourists. 

I absolutely love this shot of Robyn and me as it captured the glamorous memory so well under the bright lights New York City. 

Our friend Gene conveniently parked the car just a few blocks away so it was great to have a quick ride to the upper east for a dinner at Lavo. I typically take the subway in New York as it’s the easiest way to get around, but it’s definitely better to have a car when you’re all dressed up! 

I’ve never been to Lavo before so it was quite a treat for me! There were so many yummy selections on the menu, and I decided to start with a Fragolita which was a drink made of baron platinum, guava and strawberry. It was sooo good! 

We ordered one of my favorite dishes, tuna tartare. It was literally one of the best tuna tartare dishes I’ve ever had. It was made of diced yellow fin tuna, avocado, crispy garlic and black dressing. 

For dessert, I selected the tiramisu made from espresso liquer, ladyfingers, marsala-mascarpone cream and valhrona chocolate. In addition, I couldn’t resist to order their famous 20 layer chocolate cake which was made from chocolate devils food cake and peanut butter mascarpone. Or, in one word, YUM

I made a toast to an epic end of New York Fashion Week with a Rosé in hand, table full of desserts, and great friends in front me. Truly couldn't have imagined a better ending than that this season. :)

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