Monday, December 26, 2011

Fashion Week Inspired Outfit

Fashion Week Inspired Outfit

There are exactly 45 days till Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York... but who's counting? As I've mentioned before I love putting together my looks a few months in advance. Lately I've been inspired by vibrant colors mixed with solid black for a fun but edgy look. 

When I find something that I like I always center everything else around that piece. In this case the first thing I found was the Alexander McQueen jacket. 
The dress was my next selection. I loved the mixture of vibrant coral and blue in this piece. When you put the jacket over the dress it will cover the majority of it leaving only a hint of blue pattern on top and bright coral fabric on the bottom. 

My next selection for this outfit were the Prada sunnies. There is something about the structure of both the jacket and sunnies that mesh so well together.
The next befitting addition to the outfit were the Fogal tights matched with Giuseppe Zannotti booties. 

Finally the completing element was the blue and gold Jennifer Elizabeth ring which matches the hint of blue on top of the dress.
In all my outfits I like to bring the different elements of the look full circle in color, structure and shape. 

Motel dress
£30 -

Alexander McQueen leather jacket
£2,639 -

Fogal tight
$60 -

Giuseppe Zanotti platform high heels
$466 -

$88 -

Prada sunglasses
$290 -

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