Sunday, August 26, 2012

Meeting Synderela at Caravan Stylist Studio

First of all I’m completely in love with the name Synderela. I was introduced to this fairytale inspired brand at the Caravan Stylist Studio event. Don’t get me wrong this Synderela is not your typical maiden in distress. According to the brand's profile she’s ambitious, courageous and rebellious.

Essentially the name is a perfect reflection of brand’s identity which borders on naughty and nice.

Check out my favorite picks for their collection below!
 I loved the vibrant bright colors of these Syn skirts. In fact open front skirts are one of the biggest trends right now.
 You can never really go wrong with lace. I would pair this dress with a leather belt and perhaps add a statement necklace.
This black dress was one of my favorite pieces from Syn. The neon stones on the bottom of the delicate sleeves were a brilliant addition.
I've always been a fan of sequins so naturally this gold sequin dress was another one of my favorites. There's nothing quite like sequins to make you feel like a princess or in this case a modern day Synderela. 

Check out Synderela's:

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