Sunday, August 26, 2012

My Favorite Picks From the DANA-MAXX Collection at Caravan Stylist Studio

At the Caravan Stylist Studio event I was introduced to DANA-MAXX, a women’s contemporary ready-to-wear clothing line. The brand caters to strong, edgy and feminine women which is definitely the kind of girl I am. What makes the DANA-MAXX look distinct is their use of brilliantly positioned architectural elements and bright colors. I couldn't resist trying on the above faux fur piece from their Fall 2012 collection.

Check out my favorite picks below from their Spring and Fall 2012 collections!

One of my favorite things about this dress was the signature DANA-MAXX cascading sleeves. Aside from the structure the design on the fabric made this look very unique.
What I love about this dress is the way the nude colored sleeves compliment the bright coral color. It's definitely an unexpected addition which is why it works so well!
Again, I'm in love with the sleeves! DANA-MAXX is obviously known for her beautiful sleeve design and this look is the perfect example. Everything works in this piece from the color, structure and pattern design.
I've saved one of the best for last as this look completely blew me away! I loved everything about it from the shiny metallic like pattern to the form fitting structure. The addition of the pockets completely takes the cake.

DANA-MAXX is officially one of my favorite designers and hopefully one of yours after reading this post!

Check out the DANA-MAXX:

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  1. Hey! Like your piece on her Spring Collection. It's my favorite I think.Just saw her on All On the Line. I know she appreciates you writing about her.


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