Monday, July 8, 2013

THEIA Resort 2014 Preview: Aztec Inspired Greek Goddess Dresses

Every time I visit the THEIA showroom I feel like I’m stopping by a luxury dress candy store. Each of their dresses and gowns is more delectable than the next. 

I recently visited their showroom to preview the new Resort 2014 collection. Don O’Neill, THEIA’s Designer was inspired by Aztec fashion. The combination of Aztec prints and bright colors really made this collection stand out. Every vibrant color under the sun was used like cobalt, teal, pink, and coral. 

When it comes to THEIA dresses it’s really hard to play favorites because they’re all so gorgeous. If I had to choose just one piece from their new Resort 2014 collection I would pick the above Aztec print cocktail dress. I love how the middle of the bodice is shaped in a curve to give the illusion of a smaller waist. The black lace on the bottom is also a beautiful touch. 

The THEIA collection was created to bring out a woman’s inner goddess. The goddess THEIA, who ruled the Greek golden age, inspired the entire collection. Her incredible power was the gift of light; all that she gazed upon glittered, becoming luminous and radiant.   

THEIA is fabricated with the finest European brocades, silks and prints, embellished with couture beading and embroideries  Each piece is meticulously stitched together to create exquisite gowns and cocktail dresses that flow beautifully around the body. 

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