Thursday, October 1, 2015

New York Fashion Week Diary Day 4: Angela Roi Soiree at Bene Rialto

During day 4 of New York Fashion Week I spent the afternoon at Bene Rialto, a lovely shop in the Garment District for emerging designers. Bene Rialto hosted a NYFW party for Angela Roi, one of the brands that’s currently sold at the store. 

Guests were invited to enjoy a glamorous afternoon of fashion, cocktails and cupcakes. In addition, special services like an in-house beauty bar with nail and beauty treatments were provided.

I wore a Cynthia Rowley print scuba dress for the event. It was the perfect look for a Summer fashion party with its striking blue and white pattern. In fact it reminded me a bit of a pattern that you would typically see on a fancy China dinner plate.  

My best friend Robyn was free that day and I was so happy she could come with me to fashion week! Unintentionally, but not surprisingly we ended up wearing matching dresses. We always have so many adventures together and it was great to add another fashion week one to our list. Robyn always jokes that we should write a book together about all the crazy, amazing adventures we've had so far, and honestly it might not be a bad idea to start it! 

I was excited to run into my friend Liz Entin from Runway Passport, and her friend Tammi Nguyen. We had a great time catching up and chatting about our upcoming fashion week plans. 

One of my absolute favorite things about fashion week is daytime champagne. It's completely not a norm for me to have a glass of champagne during the day so it was definitely quite a treat! I couldn’t resist to grab a glass (or two) to celebrate the day.  

I loved previewing the new Angela Roi collection. One of my favorite pieces was the above wine colored square tote. Perhaps anything named wine will always be my fav, but I did really love this particular bag! I was also impressed by the fact that each of Angela Roi’s bags is tied to a specific charity, and they donate accordingly based on their sales. 

Robyn and I were thrilled to personally meet Angela and Roi, both of the designers. Here we are with Angela in front of her many beautiful bags. Angela co-created Angelo Roi with a mission to provide luxurious yet accessible handbags. Inspired by colorful fashion events dedicated to philanthropy, she also developed the 'Donate by Color' mission.

Bene Rialto and Angela Roi set up the most beautiful white flower decorations on their table of refreshments. The decor gave me so many ideas of how I want to set up my future dinner parties. There is something so delightful about a table full of flowers that really brightens up the room. 

One of my favorite things about fashion week is the amazing, worldly people I come across. Robyn and I both had the pleasure of meeting British actress Gigi Neil at the Angela Roi event. We chatted for a bit about her visit to the U.S. and it was so exciting to make a new international friend. One of my favorite places in the world is London, and I hope to visit again very soon. 

Next, I went to get my hair braided at their beauty bar. This was absolutely perfect, because later that evening my friends and I were headed to an end of fashion week gala. 

Robyn and I were so happy with our braids and couldn’t wait to check out the rest of the fun services at the Angela Roi event. 

I believe everything in life happens for a reason, and coming across this quote at the event was particularly meaningful. It’s been a hard year for me, and one of my many faults has been to not let go of the past. Seeing this quote was so touching, and perhaps the universe telling me to keep moving forward, and never look back…

One of my last favorite activities at the event was a fun live sketch session with Emily Brickel Edelson from Chic Sketch.

Chic Sketch is the brainchild of Jordan Edelson, CEO and Founder of Appetizer Mobile, and fashion designer, illustrator and entrepreneur, Emily Brickel Edelson. Users simply upload a photo of their best look of the day and will receive a custom sketch drawn by a real fashion illustrator.  

Emily is so incredibly talented and captured my look completely in just a few minutes. Here’s a look at the beautiful chic sketch she did of me. Thank you so much Emily, I absolutely loved it! 

As Robyn and I were heading out we couldn’t resist to take a shot in front of the awesome mural of Fashion Avenue on the wall at Bene Rialto. 

The front of their store was incredibly chic as well! The brick stone and front window décor gave the shop such a fun, fashionable feel. 

It was such a beautiful day so Robyn and me decided to walk around and take a few photos next to the iconic New York Public Library on 5th avenue. 

The New York Public Library is one of my favorite places in the city and we had so much fun doing a mini photo shoot in front before we headed home to eat lunch and get ready for our gala that evening.

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