Sunday, August 21, 2016

Holiday Lookbook Preview With 3d Public Relations & Marketing at Eventi Hotel

Wearing a faux fur vest from Belldini's new collection!

3d Public Relations & Marketing invited me to preview their fabulous holiday product offerings from their robust list of brands. The preview was held at one of my favorite hotels in NYC, the Eventi. This year’s featured brands included: 
Belldini, Dr. Carmen & Alexandra Harra, American Hearst Assocaiton, Ace and Everett, Dry Divas, Fabulous Gifts, Hawaiian Tropic Apparel, Happiest Tee, Healing Saint by Dr. Jane 360, Keep Healthy, Millianna, Modern Vice, Oxygentix, Shout Out Clothing, Simone I. Smith, Slimware, Woosh Beauty, Niall, Everly, Strikefroce, Tribute, Teapigs, True Eagle and Oliver. 

I almost didn't make it that day as my schedule filled up quite fast, and I had another social obligation right after, but I'm so happy that I did! I had the opportunity to be introduced to so many incredible new brands, and have a chance to meet a lot of the great people behind them. 

One of the first people I met was Lash Ferry, CEO of Distinctive Assets, and celebrity gift guru. Lash took me around the room for a guided tour of each brand. We clearly bounded over our shared affinity for cheetah print! ;) 

Lash and Distinctive Assets have set new standards for “giving and receiving” through their coveted Gift Baskets and Gift Lounges for events such as the GRAMMYs, the Latin GRAMMYs, the Tony Awards, the Kids’ Choice Awards, the People’s Choice Awards, the MTV Movie Awards and the Academy of Country Music Awards. With a résumé of top award shows and a star-studded client roster, Lash has become an authority on style, celebrity shopping, entertainment marketing, product trends and gift giving. For over ten years, Hollywood’s biggest celebrities have given and received gifts chosen by Lash.  

Happiest Tee allows you to celebrate your favorite destinations in style and comfort. Where’s your happy place? This product is BRAND new and was launched at the Holiday Lookbook.

Next, I had a chance to discover Belldini, a leading manufacturer of women’s apparel for over 35 years, Belldini creates chic items for the active woman of any size. From cardigans and pullovers to twinsets and leggings, Belldini allows you to seamlessly transition from day to night in style and comfort.

One of my favorite dresses was the above Hawaiian Tropic Apparel look. Absolutely adored the transition of blue ombre! The brand is inspired
by the tropics of Hawaii and offers a beach collection fit for the sun lover's lifestyle. Quality designs and fabrics come together to create pieces that complement the body with classic silhouettes and distinctive accents, for a look and feel that is exotic, fun and comfortable. 

I was so excited to see Andrea Devos Abraham, Co-Founder of Woosh Beauty. I met Andrea a few months ago with Bobbi Thomas when Woosh Beauty was first launched. Woosh Beauty is more than just makeup. It’s a cosmetic system designed to streamline and simplify women’s lives with problem-solving products that can be used every day.

Next, I had the pleasure of meeting Colin Egglesfield, founder of Shout Out ClothingShout Out Clothing was created so you can create fun customizable messages on t-shirts. 

Finally, one of my absolute favorite people to meet at the Holiday Lookbook preview was Colleen O’Neill, owner of Dry Divas. We hit it off right away, and an impromptu photo-shoot ensued with her ever so stylish shower caps!

Here's a look at the fabulous selection of Dry Diva's stylish shower caps, which are currently sold at Neiman Marcus, Fred Segal, Four Seasons, and many other luxury places. 

In addition to the cheetah print I modeled earlier, one of my favorites was the above Parlez-Vous Deevah shower cap. 

Special thanks to Oxygenetix team, for sending me samples of their new moisturizer and foundationOxygenetix breathable post procedure foundation is a breakthrough line of foundations and moisturizer that covers, helps heal and eliminates social downtime following aesthetic procedures. 

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