Saturday, September 1, 2018

Dinner With Fashion Designer Dan Liu At Bergdorf Goodman

I had the unique opportunity to be invited to meet and have dinner with Fashion Designer Dan Liu at Bergdorf's in New York. Award-winning Canadian designer, Dan Liu, draws his inspirations for DAN LIU and TATSUAKI designs from his Chinese and Japanese heritage. 

With emphasis on beauty and practicality, his debut knitwear collection was so unique that numerous Hollywood celebrities frequented his first Yorkville store in Toronto. The TATSUAKI women’s line has since evolved into ‟Funky Couture” while “Elegant Couture” is the perfect characterization of DAN LIU’s line.

A bevy of New York influencers were also invited to attend the dinner like Nata (Nata_allbuenothings) and Chris (NYC Lavish). 

My look was a very last minute effort but it ended up coming together quite nicely with a Chinese headscarf, vintage jacket and dress.

My lovely friend Nora looked stunning as per usual with a sequin jacket, satin dress and feather bag (sorry forgot the designers!). I'm always so excited to see what Nora will wear as it's always a dress to impress statement look. We're both from Russia so our style is definitely more on the fancier European side with our own unique fashion rules. 

Meeting Dan was such a treat! He was the nicest, most gracious host and welcomed us the minute we walked into the dinning room at Berdorf's. Dan told me how much he loved my style and I obviously couldn't be happier since it was such a last minute effort! 

The table setting at Bergdorf's was the epitome of sophistication with its modern interpretation of the aristocratic social salon. Like a Park Avenue residence from the age of cosmopolitan glamour that's surrounded by spiraling views of Central Park.

Looking at the window view of Central Park during dinner was definitely one of the most surreal experiences and the fact that we were all having dinner with international fashion designer Dan Liu at Bergdorf's! 

Another awesome treat was running into Veronika (aka @Meet_Ronnie)!

Dan made the nicest toast and thanked everyone for attending the dinner. 

Nora and me had so much fun catching up during dinner and making the moment another one for the books. (We've had quite a few epic stories together so it's always a challenge to top the experiences, but this one was definitely up there!)

The foodie in me was quite excited to see the three course dinner menu. (Insert eyes heart emoji here).

The first course was a summer green salad with mescalin, shaved aged cheivre, spiced macrona almonds, blood orange and champagne vinaigrette. 

For the second course I chose the herb crusted halibut with roasted baby carrots, blistered toy box tomatoes, haricots verts champagne beurre blanc.

Dessert included an assortment of mini sweets with my absolute favorite macrons. 

Thank you so much Dan and team for inviting us! It was such a dream to have dinner with you at Bergdorfs! 

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