Sunday, November 27, 2011

Women 2.0 Founder Friday Networking Event At Google

Networking is one of the most valuable things you could do for yourself. You never know who you’re going to meet in life and how powerful of an asset that connection might be. It truly doesn’t matter if you’re the CEO of a company or a young professional like myself as networking can be a tremendous help to anyone. Networking is the number one reason I love going to industry events and parties. Recently I went to the Women 2.0 Founder Friday event at the Google offices in New York.

I was excited to meet so many women entrepreneurs and leaders. I found it very amusing that 90% of the people I met were in fashion! It’s like fashion people are drawn to each other in an invisible magnetic fashion force. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating but it really felt like it. Another explanation could be that most of the people in fashion were dressed to the T so that could also be the reason! At any rate I was excited to meet so many like minded women entrepreneurs. I attended the event as press but I truly envision myself running a company of my own one day and for this reason I’m attending another Women 2.0 Founder event again this coming Friday December 2nd.

Click here for the free event invite and join me in this great networking opportunity!

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  1. Increasing your network is not an easy task. But with confidence and a positive attitude towards hitting a goal, everything is possible.


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