Friday, January 8, 2016

New Year New Hair: Blonde Ombre Makeover At Christo Salon Fifth Avenue

Celebrity Stylist Ivan Torres and me
New Year new hair! I was so excited to get an ombre hair makeover at the famous Christo Salon on Fifth Avenue.
For the past few years I’ve been dreaming of getting this done, but couldn’t quite do it because my hair was not long enough to achieve the look that I wanted. When I first met Christo at his Birthday/Holiday party a few weeks ago I knew that I wanted to get my hair done at his salon. Aside from being one of the nicest, most welcoming people I’ve ever met, I was also incredibly in awe of his decadent salon from the plush leather waiting coaches to the enchanting chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. The ambience was the epitome of Hollywood glamour, and I couldn't wait to treat myself to the experience.
Just a few days before the New Year I emailed Christo to see if there were any appointments open in the near future, and to my luck there had been an opening a day after the new year! I was so excited to find out that Celebrity stylist Ivan Torres was going to be doing my hair that day. Ivan was the incredible stylist who created the black swan inspired updo for me when I attended New York Fashion Week a few months ago in September. The paparazzi absolutely loved that look, and now I couldn’t have been more thrilled to have Ivan create an ombre masterpiece for me.

Curious in the salon's process of creating the perfect ombre, I asked Ivan to take me through the steps during a quick interview. 
1. Tell me about the steps you did to achieve this incredible ombre look for me! 
Celebrity Stylist Ivan Torres: Basically the technique we use is backcombing and biolage. Biolage means to sweep, so you’re painting the hair. I backcombed and just painted the hair and this allows the hair not to have any steps. It’s a more seamless process.

2. After the color you put on the glaze to finish the look?
Celebrity Stylist Ivan Torres: Yes, I put on the glaze to give it a little more shine and also to brighten up any unwanted tones. I wanted to cancel out some of the orangyness that we got in the beginning to make it more of a matte blonde. I like golden blondes, but I like it to be a little ashy at the same time. 
3. Which fabulous Curlisto products did you use on me today? They smelled amazing!
Celebrity Stylist Ivan Torres: Today we used the Curlisto Natural Curl Shampoo, it’s more of a cleanser so it has no sulphates because I didn’t want any of the color that I put on you to be removed. Then we used the Deep Therapy Mask at the end when we combed your hair through for a good 8-10 minutes just to put back all the keratin back in your hair that I took out.

4. For on going maintenance of this glowing, shiny look, which Curlisto products would you recommend? 
Celebrity Stylist Ivan Torres: For shampoo and conditioner I would use the natural cleansing, and also the Deep Therapy Mask. You can do the deep therapy mask each week, and with the natural cleansing shampoo it’s so conditioning that you don’t need to use a conditioner. To style the hair I would use the Repair Styling Cream for more protein/keratin and it is infused not to damage the hair, especially when you’re blow-drying.

After finishing my interview with Ivan about the incredible ombre he did I went to buy Christo's shampoo and conditioner. After trying his line, I will never purchase another brand again. His products are so luxuriously, gentle, and make my hair look and feel so healthy!
Thank you so much Christo, Ivan, Natalie, and the whole team at the Christo Fifth Avenue salon for the celebrity ombre hair makeover! I feel like a million dollars with my new look, and I can't wait to layer in this boosted level of confidence to every aspect of my life in the New Year!

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